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 A. G. Spalding & Bros.  A. J. Reach Company  A. W. Gamage Ltd.  A. W. Phillips, Ltd
 Accura  Ace  Acme  AHI Azrak-Hamway Inter
 Alex Taylor & Co.  All-Pro  AMC  Amcrest
 Anker  Artuff  Atp Tour  Avon India Rubber Comp
 Baileys  Ballco Products, Inc  Bancroft Racket Compan  Barnet Glass Rubber Co
 Bentley's Sporting Goo  Bernard Young & Co., L  Best Sporting  Bill Tilden
 Black Panther  Blue Goose  Blue Point  Borden
 Bridgestone  Buckingham Sports, Ltd  Calgon  Cambridge
 Campbell Manufacturing  Campbell's  Caprico  Carnaby
 Carrera  Chemold  Chicago Sports Equipme  Christian Dior
 Club  Coca-Cola  Compass Co., The  Contender
 Continental  Continental Sporting G  Cortland  Court King
 Cragstan  Crown Sports Inc.  Cutino Company, The  Davega
 Davidoff  Demon  Donnay  Dunhill
 Dunlop Tire & Rubber C  Durus  E & L Mfg. Co  E. J. Riley, LTD
 Elite  En-tout-cas  Equator  Eugene B. Baehr and So
 F. W. Woolworth Compan  F.H. Ayres Ltd.  Firestone  Franklin Manufacturing
 Fred Perry  Free Former Sports Pro  G. R. Adams Ltd.  Gabri-Torino
 Gamma  Garcia  General  General Sportcraft Co.
 Generic  Geo. G. Bussey & Co.  Gimbles  Golden Crown
 Golden Eagle  Golden Team  GoldSmith  Goodall Rubber Co.
 Goodrich  Goodwin Sporting Goods  Grays of Cambridge  Gul-Flyt
 Guwelin (GUmmiWErke Be  Halex  Hanil  Harry C. Lee & Co.
 Hawthorne  Head  Henley's Tyre & Rubber  Hi-Tens
 Holiday  Holmar International C  Hunt  International Nineteen
 Interstyle Internation  J. M. MacDonald Import  J. Price [Bath] Limite  Jack Summers & Co. LTD
 Jacques  Jas. Lillywhite, Frowd  Jelinek's  John Wisden & Co. Ltd
 Jollette  Justen  Kassnar Imports  Kawasaki Racket Co. Lt
 Kennex  King Athletic Goods Co  Kingcraft  Kings Court
 Korvettes  Kroydon  Lacoste  LTC
 Macys  Madison  Mag  Martin
 Marvel  Maxima  Meier & Frank Co.  Mercur
 Midland Sporting Goods  Montgomery Ward  Munro Sports Inc.  Nassau / Seh Bang
 Nastys Fess  Neiman - Marcus  Nimble  Nobility
 NSG National Sporting  Official  Ol' Reliable  Olympic Sporting Goods
 Optimit  Ormiston Rubber Co. PT  Oxford  Pace Setter Manufactur
 Pacific Coy  Peerless Sporting Good  Pennsylvania Rubber Co  Pennsylvania Sporting
 Peradin Works  Pioneer  Pirelli  Playmaker
 Po-Do  Pony  Pope and Smith Ltd.  Precise Imports Corpor
 Prep  Primo  Prince  Pro Tour
 Rawlings Sporting Good  Red Line  Regent Sports Company  Rexall Drug Co.
 Ronmark  Royal Court  Rucanor  RW
 Samwha Rubber Co.  Schmelzer's  Seamco  Seamless Rubber Compan
 Sears Roebuck and Co.  Seco  Sentra  Service
 SET  Shanghai Tennis Ball F  Showa Rubber Co., Ltd.  Singa
 Slazengers Ltd  Snauwaert  Spencer Moulton  Sportcrest
 Sports Action  Sports Equipment Corpo  Sports LTD  Stomil
 Stuart Surridge & Co L  Sumitomo Rubber Indust  Super Pro  Swift Flyte
 T.M.C.  TAICO The American Imp  Talisman  Telnor Systems Corp
 Tempo Sports Inc  Ten Pro International  The Draper-Maynard Co  The Faultless Rubber C
 The MacGregor Co.  The Silvertown Company  The T. Eaton Company  Title Products Ltd.
 TOA-Strings Co. Ltd.,  Tournament  Town and Country Games  Tram Flite
 Tretorn  Trigema  Trio Sporting Goods Mf  Tru-Play
 United-Rexall Drug Co.  University  UPA International  Vanessa
 Vantage  VEB Reifenwerk Heidena  Verve  Vredestein
 W. J. Voit Rubber Corp  Walker International  Welcom  Western Auto
 White's  Wilson Sporting Goods  Wilson-Western  Wimbledon
 Winchester  Windsor  Winn  Wm. Hailwood Sports De
 Woodward Sports  Wright & Ditson  Zayre